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Letter: Caring is our reason for being

Since the Courage Cottage is owned and operated by Stevens Community Medical Center, we share the same mission statement: "Caring is our reason for being." I am writing to tell everyone that this mission statement has rubbed off on the members of our community and those in the surrounding area. Our residents come to the Courage Cottage with many different diagnoses requiring diverse care. The one similarity between all our residents and their families is the tender loving care received by the entire staff. In response, the community has reciprocated by caring for us through their generous donations to help the Courage Cottage to continue our valuable services.

As RN Coordinator I would like to thank everyone who graciously donated to our cause in 2012!! Whether you gave through a donation or memorial; or participated in one of our many fund-raising events, "Thank You" from the entire Courage Cottage staff and fund-development committee.

Each year the fund development committee holds a Business Campaign, Community Campaign and Employee Campaign. I would like the community to know that there are employees from SCMC who commit to giving to the Courage Cottage each month by having a donation taken directly out of their paycheck. To have the support of the community and co-workers is nothing short of a blessing to the Courage Cottage.

Equally impressive are the many youth that have supported the Courage Cottage during the past year: FFA - donated from their grain campaign, BPA/FFA/Student Council - donated proceeds from Donkey Ball, Stampede 4-H Club - donated goodies to the bake sale, Trinity Lutheran and Our Savior's Youth groups - collected donations, Girl Scout Troops making clothing protectors and Boy Scout Troops who helped with our races.

Before concluding I would like to thank all the members of the Courage Cottage's fund development committee who are responsible for planning all our events: Carol Wilcox - Chair, Kristi Abler - RN Coordinator, Becky Lutz - LPN, Vicki Maanum, Robi Bowman, Selena Reed, Trevor Seales, Sonia Meyer, Tami Noel and Joan Spaeth.

Most importantly, thank you to the dedicated staff that is faithfully there day after day providing the wonderful care to our beloved residents and families. My staff is the backbone of the Courage Cottage and responsible for our wonderful reputation.

Despite the devastating stories heard on the news and uncertainties in our world, I just want everyone to stop and reflect on the wonderful community in which we reside. I truly believe that most of us live by SCMC's mission statement "Caring is our reason for being." With 2013 upon us, we look forward to achieving our fund-raising goal again with the help of our extremely generous community and supporters.

Kristi Abler

Courage Cottage RN Coordinator