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Letter: Bergdahl release dangerous and shameful

A veteran who is so totally disgusted with how things are going in this administration told me he did not even hang out his flag for Memorial Day because this president has ruined our country. I totally agree with his statement but I still hung out my flags (both Norwegian and American). One wouldn’t think it could get any worse than one after another Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, many veterans dying due to lack of care by the VA to name a few and still we got this worst one of all – the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for the release of five terribly dangerous war criminals from Gitmo, the equivalent of four-star generals of the Taliban!

This president was informed about the long delays at the VA six years ago but did nothing. He is always “going to get to the bottom of it” but never does but is busy pushing Obamacare! Now he lies again and claims the Bergdahl thing is just another phony scandal in Washington and claims they needed to haste in releasing Bergdahl because it appeared from a video he was in failing health! Why all the haste now but no haste and no action in Benghazi to save our men? Since when is blinking a lot any evidence of failing health? Jay Carney and Susan Rice can say Bergdahl served with honor but he did not! The truth is he deserted and walked away from his platoon trying to find the Taliban and he is reported to have turned Muslim. This president called him a prisoner of war when he actually had a friendly relationship with his captors.

Six guys, including his former roommate, team leader and medic, testified on Megan Kelly’s show that his teammates were out looking for him in dangerous country for two months and six died doing so! Yet, Chuck Hagel has claimed to have no knowledge of this and this president makes no apology for the deaths but he treated Bergdahl’s parents royally at the Rose Garden! None of these fellows supported the swap and would like to see him court martialed. These fellows stated he did not serve with honor and distinction.

Top military brass warned this president not to trade Bergdahl and he has rejected every recommendation made over the past 4 – 5 years in other matters. He does what he wants to, completely ignores the Constitution and the will of the people and I have to ask where John Boehner and all the other Republicans are in all this? How can any Democrats still be defending this man’s actions when Democrat Diane Feinstein has even expressed opposition to this last bombshell? Retired Major Rusty Bradley, who served when Sgt. Bergdahl disappeared intentionally, said these five have killed thousands. Both he and Bergdahl’s platoon members have said these five will return to Afghanistan and U.S. soldiers will be killed or maimed because they were released! Does this president care about that?

Besides all this, this president is still trying to divide Jerusalem and if he succeeds, the judgement of God will come to this nation according to famed TV preacher, Rev. John Hagee. How can everybody appear to sit doing nothing to stop this man?