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Kalee Nuest to fill Hancock math position

Kalee Nuest

Kalee Nuest is the new math teacher at Hancock High School, filling a position added by the school board this year. The math department will now include two teachers and she will be part of a team, working together with Chad Christiansen in the math department. Nuest will be teaching all of the seventh and eighth grade math classes and splitting the ninth through eleventh grade classes with Christiansen who will teach the seniors. There may also be a Foundations of Math course added.

Nuest is quite familiar with the Hancock School as the wife of a former student, Chad Nuest. The couple live on a farm east of town and have three children, Abby is six and will be in first grade this year. Jett is five and Cash is one.

Nuest grew up in Becker, Minn. when you would have still considered it a ‘small town.’ She graduated in 2002 with 115 in her class. She stated that she was related to most of the people in the town and, like Hancock, the community really supported the school and followed the students’ accomplishments. She was active in three sports in high school - track, cross country and gymnastics.

Nuest went on to attend Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, another small community. There she participated in track as a jumper while pursuing her Math Degree with a teaching license. She graduated in 2006.

While there her mom and Chad’s brother, Cory, set them up on a date. Cory and his wife, Shannon, attended the same church as her parents in Becker. The two hit it off and were married in December of 2006.

For the first few months of their marriage the couple lived in the Roseville area. Kalee was teaching in Chaska and Chad was teaching at a Christian school. The city life and commute was not what Kalee liked so when the Christian school closed, they were ready to move back to a small town.

They lived in Morris, Chad went to work on the farm with his dad and Kalee got a a job in the Admissions Office as an Admissions Counselor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. She moved up to Assistant Director and taught a math class for a couple semesters. In January of 2013, Chad’s parents moved off the farm and Chad and Kalee moved on. Kalee always considered herself a city girl and it never crossed her mind to live on the farm. However, when they moved back to the area and later to the farm, she now can’t picture their lives any other way.

Kalee will have her classroom in what was once the ITV room at the school. She is excited about all the space and the wonderful new setting. The Smartboard in her classroom is something new to her but she is planning to use it in creative ways. She will be setting up a web site for students and posting the daily notes from the Smartboard to the web site for students.

Kalee is really excited and greatful for the opportunity to teach in Hancock. She said that Chad always talked so positively about the school and community. She can see how well-supported it is and loves the idea of her children attending the same school where she is teaching.

She stated that teaching is her passion and teaching math is a way of fullfilling that passion. She added that the icing on the cake is that her children will be in the same school. The cherry on the top is that she will also have summers and holidays off to spend with her children.