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Hancock's newest business - The Perfect Piece

The Perfect Piece is the perfect name for the newest business on main street in Hancock. The business takes antique, used, out-dated and even damaged furnishings and decor items and gives them new life, creating a piece that is perfect for current trends. Sometimes the items need repair, sometimes a fresh coat of varnish or paint and sometimes just a good cleaning that will give them a fresh new look.

The business is owned by the Trevor Schmidgall family and is a project taken on by all members of the family. The Perfect Piece is located at 583 6th St. in Hancock in the former Meadowland Market building.

To find the items they want to use on the showroom, Trevor and Jodi (and others) go to auction sales, garage sales, search through basements and outbuildings or, if contacted by parties, will come to your home and make an offer on items. They are also willing to come and look at old furniture or wood items that can possibly be repurposed or redone.

After finding their pieces they spend time doing the revamping or repairs. Some items can also be redone and used for other purposes such as a screen door for a backdrop or unique piece of furniture for a table or sitting area. There really is no limit to the fantastic ways old or used pieces can be used. Jodi Schmidgall said that it is fun to see some of the junk come to life in a new and vibrant way.

The Schmidgalls then take the revamped furniture and decor and arrange them in room-like settings on the showfloor. Some are grouped by color, others by usage. This is one of the best parts of the process, as the items seem to take on a new life.

Since it takes a lot of time to shop for and restore items, the store is only open at certain times of the year. This gives them time to look for new articles and do the work needed to update, repair and put them in a new setting.

The Schmidgalls have planned specific dates that they will be open each year. these include the second weekend in May, which coincides with the city-wide garage sale day, and also after the parade on the Fourth of July. They are planning to be open this year on Sept 12 from noon to 8 p.m. and Sept. 13 from 8 a.m. to noon. They are also planning a Christmas type opening some time at the end of October or the beginning of November so watch for more information on this weekend. They are also willing to open up by appointment or by chance if you happen to see them there working.

If you are looking for something old, something new, something borrowed or even something blue, The Perfect Piece may just be the place to shop. The ideas are endless and the repurposing is not only fun but practical.