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Hancock wins food drive, seniors take top honors for the school

Recently, students in the Hancock and Morris Area school districts participated in a competitive food drive for the Stevens County Food Shelf.

 Hancock, the winning school, collected more food per student than Morris Area High School. As the winning school, Hancock received a traveling trophy.  

Hancock students raised $2567.00 in addition to the approximately 3000 pounds of food. The seniors won within the school. Community Development Bank will sponsor a pizza party for the seniors for winning first place. Second place went to Mrs. Brown's third grade for an ice cream party. Third place went to Mrs. Ruprecht's Kindergarten class who will recieve chips and pop. Fourth place went to the sophomores with a candy party.

Morris Area BPA Advisor Dylan Viss and high school Principal Craig Peterson were forced to wear Hancock football jerseys for a day after Hancock took in more food than the Morris high school students.

Between the two schools, participants raised nearly $6,000 and over 5,000 pounds of food. In addition, MAHS will be donating half of the money the school raised, about $1,600, to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts in the Philippines. Two Morris Area staff members, teacher Kevin Pope and technology director Stephen Lien, have family who were affected by the typhoon that hit the area in early November.

“Overall, it was great to team up with Hancock and have such amazing results,” said Viss. “Both schools really pulled together to do something great for this community.