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Hancock students to present one-act play that depicts cyber bullying

By Nicole Schmidt, director

Hancock High School Theater Department will present the one act play titled, Text This on Saturday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m. on the Hancock School stage.  This play addresses the current and serious issue facing our young society today: cyber bullying.

For two weeks, Amy’s life has been unbearable. A conversation she had online with a boy she likes has been cut and pasted so many times that she is now the laughingstock of the school. To make matters worse, Amy has been receiving harassing text messages, and her family has been plagued by a series of anonymous phone calls.

The play opens as Amy, played by Jadin Copa, sits alone in a classroom. She is soon joined unexpectedly by Kara, depicted by Brooke DeSmith, who is apparently looking for a prom committee meeting. However, when Amy leaves, it becomes increasingly clear that Kara, and her friends Jordan and Jess, have not met to discuss the prom.  Brooke Jepma portrays mean-girl Jordan and Grace Worner is the revengeful Jess.

As the play turns from one half-truth to the next, the girls find themselves forced to confront not only their role in what has happened, but what their actions betray about themselves.  Comments from the SADD conference in Washington, DC in 2009 stated that Text This is "The best and most comprehensive play on the subject" and "All middle and high school parents and teachers should see this."

The four ladies in this play have been rehearsing every school morning, before classes start, since the beginning of December.  They have been dedicated and worked hard on portraying these characters in the most realistic manner possible.  With this small cast of four, each actress has had to work very hard to make her character believable.

This play is being performed earlier in the day on Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Morris High School stage at 10 a.m. as part of the Minnesota State High School One Act Competition.  The public is invited to attend this free performance.

Whether it is at Morris High School at 10 a.m. or Hancock High School at 7 p.m, please come out on Saturday, Feb. 1 and see this play.