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Hancock School Board approves superintendent contract

Loren Hacker of Canby has been hired as the part time superintendent at the Hancock School. He will be employed through a company hired to fill the position, School Administrative Specialty Services.

The Hancock School Board tentatively agreed to offer a contract to a consulting firm last week to provide superintendent services for the part-time superintendent position that will be open starting in July.  Because two board members were absent, the approval was tentative with final approval scheduled for the regular meeting on April 21 so all members could be present.  Ray Farwell of School Administrative Specialty Services (S.A.S.S.) presented the board with a proposal for his services at a special meeting last Thursday.

Farwell explained that his business sub-contracts superintendents for school districts. The superintendent would then be an employee of S.A.S.S. and not considered an employee of the school. Farwell works primarily with retired superintendents interested in working less hours and with minimal benefits. In most cases he is able to save school districts a fair amount of money however, it will be a small amount for Hancock because the superintendent position was already part time.  Farwell estimated a $900 savings.  Farwell stated that he has a good deal of success matching candidates with school districts and that he works with good individuals interested in working with the districts.  Prior to agreeing to enter into an agreement with Farwell the board was introduced to the candidate he is recommending for the position in Hancock.  Loren Hacker worked ten years as a superintendent in Canby, Minn, retiring in 2013.  This year he has worked as a part time superintendent for the MACCRAY District.

After the meeting with Hacker and Farwell, the board agreed to the tentative contract offer to provide 120 days of service for the 2014-15 school year.  The full board approved the contract with Farwell at the April 21 regular meeting; therefore,  Loren Hacker will be the person filling the position in Hancock starting July 1, 2014.  His contract through S.A.S.S. will be for one year at a time.