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Hancock Fire Department asks to purchase new fire truck

Hancock Fire Chief Kyle Rose attended the special city council meeting on Monday night to ask for the council’s blessing and permission to pursue the purchase of a new fire truck to replace the current 1986 pumper.

Rose informed the council that he had found a 2013 truck that was a showroom model. The asking price for the truck was $224,000 which includes about $35,000 worth of add-ons that the department needs. The regular asking price for a similar truck would be $294,000 plus the add-ons. He felt this was a very good deal.

Rose had also checked out the balance of a truck fund in the fire department budget and found there was about $100,000 that could be used as a down payment. He felt that the department could afford the yearly payments if the balance could be funded.

Council members questioned the four-door versus two-door models. The department currently has a two-door and this truck would have four. Rose explained that he would prefer the four-door however, he could get bids on a two-door.

Rose added that he felt buying the truck would be well within the fire department budget and would not cause an increase in taxes in either the city or townships covered. He was asked to get a quote on the two-door model and bring it to the next council meeting on Feb. 10.