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Hancock Clothing Bank distributes funds

The Hancock Clothing Bank has completed its 2013 season, and a pot-luck supper was held at the John and Della Conroy home to honor the volunteers.

At the end of the season, the remaining clothes were picked up by the Grain Train, and volunteers packed up the household goods to be distributed to other thrift shops.

The amount brought in over the summer was over $1500.00.  These funds will be donated to the following organizations: Someplace Safe, Hancock Library, Hancock First Responders, Hancock Lions, Hancock Cemetery Fund, Hancock School Foundation, Hancock Commercial Club, SCMC Courage Cottage, and Hancock Music department.

Thank you to the volunteers: Betty Gillespie, Diane Edmonds, Elaine Mohr, Gloria Zeltwanger, Marcia Greiner, JoAnna Rustad, Audrey Evink, Kris Miller, Marla Miller, Nadine Miller, Jean DeGier, Marlys Charles, Kaci Millete, Courtney Hanson, Mary Paul, Mary Voorhees, Sue Haugen, Carla Lonneman, Laurie Burke, Jan Malo, Sonia Kannegiesser, Theora VerSteeg, Della Conroy   - volunteer coordinator and Sharon Torma  - Clothing Bank director.

Thank you to Mark Leighton for the free use of the building. Thank you to Inn Like Flinn’s for paying for the electicity Thank you to the community for donating all the wonderful items over the summer. Thank you to the Community Development Bank for distributing the funds.