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Hancock City Council aproves bid for street work

Summer is coming to an end, but the Hancock City Council members are confident that there is still enough time to get some street and sidewalk work done within the city. At their meeting on Monday night, council members reviewed bids on sidewalk work and approved a bid for crack filling and street patching.

City Maintenance Director John Jepma told the council that the company he had originally contacted about the sidewalk work decided that their bid was too cheap and therefore backed out of the project. He then contacted several other companies and had two bids at the meeting. He was also scheduled to talk to a third bidder the following day.

When looking at the bids, it was noted that there was some discrepancies in what was being bid. These were especially noted in the sidewalk width with one company bidding 5.5 feet and the other 4.5 feet. It was decided to have most of the sidewalks at 4 feet.

There was also additional discussion about how the council members wanted the concrete apron on 7th Street to look. This will be installed at the end of the tar and before the gravel starts toward Buddies. It is hoped that this apron will move the water across the street and prevent the potholes that are forming there.

After coming to a conclusion about these changes, Jepma was asked to get new bids and a special council meeting will be set, possibly for Aug. 18, to award the bid. It is hoped that this work can be completed yet this fall.

A representative of Bargen was at the meeting to discuss a bid they presented for crack filling and patching of city streets. These streets are primarily in the Eastview Addition and include Washington and Hancock Avenues. The crack filling bid was for $7,295 and the patching was for $10,230.

Council members asked Bargen if it was wise to continue to repair the streets over replacing the tar. They were told that properly maintaining the streets will save them money down the road when the budget allows for the replacement.

Another major project decided on by the council was to do work on a lift station in the Eastview Addition. This was at the top of a priority list presented to the council by Water and Sewer Director Ryan Mogard. The lift station is quite old and many of the parts need to be replaced. The pump was replaced earlier in the year so the council will look at getting a bid for the remaining parts.

City Clerk Jodi Bedel told the council members that Tip Top Tree Service had submitted a bid for the removal of some diseased trees on the late Pat Swanson property. She stated that neighbors were concerned about the spread of the disease in the evergreen trees along Sixth Street. No action was taken by council.

Police Chief Steve Henricksen told council members that he had received some complaints about a fence on 6 1/2 Street  that obstructs the view of the sidewalk. He also reported on some trainings he wanted to attend which were approved by the council. He has been looking into companies that provide transcription services and plans to hold off  this year on holding a bike rodeo. He will try to do this next spring.

The council approved money for a meet and greet open house for Henricksen that would give the public an opportunity to meet him. He is hoping to set this up some time in September.

In a final and more positive note, the council members learned that the Local Government Aid received from the state will have a slight increase for 2015.

Notice from the City Office

Notice to the residents of Hancock. Effective with the September water, sewer and garbage bill, the garbage fee will increase from $20.95 to $21.25. This increase is due to a change in the contract that was effective August 1, 2014. This contract will be in  effect for two years.

Special meeting notice

Also note that there will be a special meeting of the city council on Monday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m..