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Hancock city council accepts resignation

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, the Stevens County Board of Commissioners approved hiring Matt Flogstad, currently the police chief in Hancock, as a deputy in the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Jason Dingman said there were 24 applicants for the position. Five applicants were interviewed in early December.

In addition to his position in Hancock, Flogstad also works as a part time deputy with Stevens County. Flogstad’s first day as a full time deputy will be Jan. 2, 2014.

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office includes Dingman, Chief Deputy Tom Loew and four deputies: Graham Holtberg, Damon Curfman, Ron Hensinger and Flogstad.

Flogstad submitted his resignation to the Hancock City Council and at a special meeting on Dec. 23, the council accepted that resignation.

The council members discussed how they want to proceed with filling the position at that meeting.

A couple options were discussed, including advertising for a part-time officer and contacting the Steven’s County Sheriff’s Department to discuss part-time coverage through their office. It was noted that Flogstad had been a part-time deputy with the sheriff’s office and with his hire for full-time, there would no longer be a part-time deputy.

The council members decided to advertise for a part-time officer and not set a definite number of hours. They would like to see if they get any applicants and, if so, set the hours at the time of hiring. The council members felt that this might give them more options when it comes to filling the position.

At the special meeting, the council members also approved spending up to $2,500 on materials to finish the inside walls at the city garage. They had one bid but wanted to a second bid from a local company. The amount was approved in order to prepay the materials and get this cost on this year’s budget.

The council members also decided to contract with the county attorney for attorney services. The county will now handle both civil and criminal cases for the same price. The contract will be for $110 per hour. Carl Thumen will continue to represent the city of Hancock. However, Thumen may be deployed this year and, in that case, someone will be hired to fill the position at Hancock.