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Organic Valley farmers visit the University of Minnesota, Morris

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MORRIS - On Wednesday, Oct. 10, several young Organic Valley farmers stopped at the University of Minnesota, Morris to hand out samples of milk and string cheese and talk about organic agriculture.

The Generation Organic ("Gen-O") farmers have spent three weeks touring Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa in a bus powered by vegetable oil and biodiesel.

Prior to their stop at UMM, the Gen-O farmers toured the organic dairy herd at the West Central Research and Outreach Center. The milk from the WCROC's organic dairy herd - about 2,000 pounds per day - is sold to Organic Valley.

Emily Zweber, who farms with her husband, Tim, and family in Elko, Minn., said it was nice to see research on organic farming being done at the university level.

The Zweber's have 100 cows, about an average size for an organic dairy herd. Tim said organic farming is a good way for young people to get into the industry because organic farm is "more skill that capitol-based."

While on campus, the Gen-O farmers toured UMM's gardens and met with students from the Morris Healthy Eating Initiative and UMM Foodlums.

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