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Active Farming applications now available in Stevens County

Applications are now available for 2012 Active Farming at the Stevens County Assessor's office. Anyone wishing to fill out an application should call the office to make an appointment at (320) 208-6550.

Individuals who received Active Farming in 2011 or have contacted the Assessor's office will receive letters in the mail informing them that applications are available. If Active Farming credit was received in 2011, re-application is necessary for 2012. Applicants need to bring a copy of their 156EZ form from the Farm Service Agency.

If applying for Active Farming for the first time in 2012, applicants will need a copy of the front page of their Schedule F income tax form, a copy of the 156EZ form from FSA and social security numbers of persons owning the land and farming the land.

Active Farming is for property owners who do not live on the property, but they or a qualified relative are farming the property. A qualified relative is a son, daughter, grandchild, sibling or parent by blood or marriage.

The Assessor's office must receive all completed applications before August 1, 2012, or the property will be classified as non-homestead for the 2012 assessment year. No abatements for homestead will be granted if an application is not filled out. This applications must be completed every year.

To qualify for Active Farming, the owner and the relative farming the land must be Minnesota residents and live within four townships of the property. The land in question must be 40 acres in size and not enrolled in easement programs.