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White takes on 'small' project

As an active 4-H member, Maria White is getting her animals ready for the Stevens County Fair. But this summer, she has taken on another small project.

Maria loves caring for her animals, including her kittens, rabbits and 4-H project calves. That's why she is the perfect candidate to take care of a little calf that needs extra attention.

The calf is a Hereford/Angus cross that was born on Jenniges farm near Starbuck. While the average calf weighs 70 pounds at birth, this calf had a full-term birthweight of only 22 pounds.

Marie named her Daisy.

Daisy is being bottle fed several times a day and plays with Maria's kitten. Maria said Daisy likes to get out of her hutch and kick up her heels.

A recent article in the "Irish Examiner" reports on a Belted Galloway calf that was born weighing just 12 pounds.

The smallest calf ever born is believed to be a Holstein heifer weighing only nine pounds that was born on Dec. 25, 1993 in Hutchinson, Minn. That calf was born two weeks premature and only survived five weeks.