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A workshop on profitable collaborative distribution strategies Nov. 16 in Milan

Do you produce food on your farm and market it to

• customers around western Minnesota, South Dakota, or the Twin Cities?

• households, institutions, restaurants or grocers?

Are you interested in being more in the business of farming and LESS in the business of transportation?

A workshop on profitable collaborative distribution strategies will be held in the Milan School on Wednesday, November 16 from 10 to 3. Dakota Rural Action's Holly Tilton will present information about the online SD Local Foods Co-op and Johnice Cross, Manager of GROWN Locally, a farmer co-op near Decorah Iowa, will talk about their distribution to institutions in the area. We'll have information about emerging distribution opportunities in this area and in the afternoon we'll roll up our sleeves for a planning session on how we can make these strategies work for us.

Please RSVP for a lunch count to Tom Taylor at or call Tom at 320-269-2105. To help us prepare for a more constructive meeting let us know the location of your farm and where your main markets are located.

This event is free and open to the public.