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60 Morris Area FFA Students Attend State FFA Convention

60 members of the Morris Area FFA attended the State FFA Convention

The Morris Area FFA Chapter had 60 students attend the Minnesota State FFA Convention on April 25-27. The convention was held at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities Campus had an attendance of 2,600 Minnesota FFA Members.

The Morris Area FFA Chapter received many different honors at the Minnesota State FFA Convention. They were honored to be presented with their $35,000 Cumulative Total for Camp Courage Donations. With the help of local farmers during the FFA Corn Drive for Camp Courage, the chapter also received 3rd place for their donation this past year! The Chapter also placed 9th Outstanding Overall Chapter in the National Chapter Award Program and will advance to Nationals with their application. Chapter members also found time to visit the Agricultural Career Fair and learn about some opportunities in various areas of agriculture through workshops.

Career Development Event Results

CDE Results

Ag. Sales Silver - Tom Holland(Gold), Michael Michaelson(Silver),Joel Harrison(Silver), Jordon Staples (Bronze) 

Ag. Issues 1st place- Jeff Knobloch, Lloyd Lesmeister, Kelly Mahoney, Brooke Anderson, Kaitlin Van Horn - ADVANCES TO NATIONALS in OCTOBER!

Creed Silver- Shauna Kill

Crops Bronze- Tyler VanEps(Silver), Brody Bahr(Silver), Tony Domnick(Bronze), Kevin Knobloch(Bronze)

Dairy Evaluation Silver- Matt Huot(Silver), Eric Wulf(Silver), Micah Fehr(Silver), Connor Metzger(Bronze) 

Dairy Foods Bronze- Makenzie Smith(Silver), Courtney Gades(Silver), Kaitlin VanHorn(Bronze), Olivia Reimers(Bronze)

Discussion Meet 3rd place- Jeff Knobloch  

Extemporaneous Speaking- Esther Koehl(Bronze)

Farm Management Silver- Tanner Rohloff(Gold), Alex Sinclair(Gold), Wade Backman(Silver), Corey Nohl(Silver)  

Floriculture Bronze- Esther Koehl(Gold), Julia Sauder(Bronze), Larissa Schmidgall(Bronze), Chelsey McKeever(Bronze)                                                                       

Horse Evaluation 2nd place- Gold- Rachel Moser(3rd place, Gold), Kelly Mahoney(Gold), Erin Schieler(Gold), Sami Searle(Silver) 

Job Interview- Monserrate Mendez(Bronze)

General Livestock 3rd place Gold- Natalie Johnston (3rd place Gold), Jeff Knobloch(Gold), Lloyd Lesmeister(Gold), Jake Moser(Silver) 

Market Plan 4th place- Xochil Mendez, Mikaela Henrichs, Steph Hennen

Meats Silver- Brooke Wente(Silver), Shauna Kill(Silver), Kendra Sperr(Silver), Mason Metzger(Bronze) 

Novice Parli. 8th place- Sami Searle, Jake Moser, Kendra Sperr, Brook Wente, Kevin Knobloch, Lloyd Lesmeister, Larissa Schmidgall 

Nursery and Landscaping - Silver - Marti Koehl(Gold), Mary Rentz(Gold), Erica Domnick(Bronze), and Brooke Anderson (Bronze) 

Poultry Bronze - Tyler Henrichs(Bronze), Hailey Kotts (Bronze), and Nic Vipond (Bronze)

Prepared Public Speaking - Sami Searle - Bronze 

Small Animal Silver - Lauren Kill (Gold), Meranda Hennen (Silver), Rebecca Erickson (Silver), and Amanda Moser (Bronze).

Soils - Bronze- John Nissen (Silver), Josh Taylor (Silver), Morgen Bigalke (Bronze), and Cole Vig (Bronze).

Proficiency Results

Swine Production-Tanner Rohloff (1st) Application will advance to Nationals. Tanner also received a plaque and a $250 check.

Ag Service-Esther Koehl (1st) Application will advance to Nationals. Esther also received a plaque and a $250 check.

Diversified Livestock-Wade Backman (1st) Application will advance to Nationals. Wade also received a plaque and a $250 check.

Sheep Production-Lauren Kill (Gold)

Chapter Exchange of Ideas

State Finalist- Chapter Development- 2nd Place; Student Development- 3rd Place

DELEGATES: Jordan Fletcher, Drew Hormann, Taylor Hufford, and Justin Kratz

Tanner Rohloff, Esther Koehl, Jeff Knobloch, Wade Backman, and Lauren Kill all received their State FFA Degrees at the Monday evening Awards Ceremony. Tanner was also Region 3 Star in Agriculture Placement and was honored on state with a plaque and a $100 check.

Alumni and Parent Chaperones that attended the State FFA Convention included Matt Wulf, Travis Moser, Lynette Koehl, and Cathy Backman.