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Grazing livestock year-round is focus of upcoming seminar

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota livestock producers who are looking to cut production costs and improve the efficiency of their operation have an opportunity to learn more about year-round grazing at a seminar January 19-20 in Staples, Minn.

While many producers are still making hay to feed their cows, some are finding that year-round pasture grazing can help reduce the cost of feed, labor and fuel.

The seminar will feature internationally-known expert Steve Kenyon of Greener Pastures Grazing, Ltd. Kenyon, a Canadian livestock producer, has developed a grazing system that allows him to save on costs as the animals harvest forage for themselves. Topics for the two-day seminar include the economics and financial considerations of year-round grazing, grazing principles and planning, paddock design, pasture rejuvenation, watering systems, and weed control.

"If Canadians have figured out how to graze year-round, it is certainly something Minnesota livestock producers can consider," said Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) grazing specialist Wayne Monsen.

The seminar, sponsored by WesMin RC&D, the MDA, and several other organizations, will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19-20, 2010 at Central Lakes College in Staples. Total cost is $50 for both days and conference planners recommend attending both days. A third day will be offered for $25 for those producers wanting more hands-on coursework.

For more information, contact Barb Cline at Central Lakes College, 218-894-5120 or Wayne Monson at the MDA, 651-201- 6260. You can also download the conference brochure at