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MDA urges farmers and other diesel users to winterize fuel now

With some fall fieldwork still underway, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is reminding farmers to winterize their diesel fuel. Colder temperatures may cause problems for equipment still running on non-winterized or #2 diesel.

According to MDA Commissioner Gene Hugoson, a mild November may have caused some diesel fuel users to postpone the switch to winterized diesel.

"A delayed harvest has forced many farmers to remain in the fields long past the time they have normally completed work," Hugoson said. "But we must remember it is December and it is Minnesota. I encourage producers to winterize their diesel fuel now."

Below 20 degrees, wax crystals begin to form in #2 diesel fuel. These will clog the fuel filter and stop the engine as the temperature drops toward zero degrees. Using cold flow additive or a blend of #1 and #2 diesel fuel will keep the fuel moving well past the 0 degree F mark.

Farmers and others who operate diesel powered equipment are encouraged to talk to their fuel supplier for the best option for an additive to their fuel.