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'Farm Country' contact information

Gordon Fredrickson taught at Chokio-Alberta High School and farmed neared Donnelly until moving from the area 30 years ago.

Readers have been responding to the Dec. 27 Sun Tribune story about author and storyteller Gordon Fredrickson ("'Farm Country' For Real"), and asking how to find out more about the former Chokio-Alberta teacher and area farmer and his books and performances.

Fredrickson can be reached by mail at 8855 Canter Lane, Lakeville, MN, 55044, and by phone at (952) 461-2105. His email address is:

To learn more about Fredrickson and his work, visit his Web site at His book, "A Farm Country Christmas Eve", is available through his Web site, or at Fredrickson also said he will take phone orders for the book.